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Lakes in Hunan

The lakes of Hunan, ideal places for those who love the peacefulness, will give you precious moments of relaxation during your vacation.

Travelling down the Yangtze River, 2,000 miles from its headwaters in Tibet, you will reach Hunan, where is still 2,000 miles from its estuary near Shanghai. At the midway point, you'll find two very large and beautiful lakes: Dongting and Dongjiang, with the former half size larger.  Famous for its fogs and mists, ringed by craggy mountains, the smaller Dongjiang is much prettier than her big sister.

sunset view of Dongting Lake

Dongjiang Lake

Located in northern Hunan Province, Dongting Lake is the second largest fresh water lake in China. Together with Junshan Island, it is usually praised as "the picturesque Dongting Lake with 800 kilometer span". It is famous in Chinese culture as the birthplace of Dragon Boat Racing and the home to the Finless Porpoise, an endangered species in China.

Dragon Boat Festival in Miluo River

Birds fly above the wetland of the Dongting Lake in Yueyang

Dongjiang Lake is a natural water reservation reservoir, which is also one of the key national energy projects. The lake occupies a surface width of 160 square kilometers and has a water storage of 81.2 cubic meters, which is honored as "South Dongting Lake". Furthermore, it is not only the biggest artificial lake in middle and southern China but also one of training bases for water sports.

The water of Dongjiang Lake is clear and cool so that its fish taste much better than any fresh water fish elsewhere. There are abundant Dongjiang fish in Dongjiang Lake, mainly used as raw materials that are further processed with advanced non-smoke technology. It does not contain any food pigment or aseptic, and thus is tasty and healthy.

fishing at Dongjiang Lake

rafting in Mangshan Mountain