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National Parks

Thick forest, vast sea of clouds and mists, rare plants, steep mountains, peculiar peaks, zigzagging streams, and breathtaking waterfalls, the natural scenes of Hunan’s national parks are just splendid and gorgeous. Wild animals add a crucial touch to the credit of these national parks. There is no better way to experience this wonder than from one of Hunan’s many national parks.

Up till now, Hunan has fifteen geological parks, including one world-class geological park, twelve national ones, three geological relic reserves and two national key production sites of fossil specimens. For example, there are five national forest parks in Changsha, namely, Dawei Mountain National Forest Park (Dawei Mountain, Liuyang City), Tianjiling National Forest Park (Dongjing Town, Yuhua District), Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mountain National Forest Park (Xiaduopu Town, Ningxiang County), Qingyang Lake Forest Park (Huangcai Forest Farm, Ningxiang County), and Heimifeng Forest Park (Qiaoyi Town, Wangcheng District).

Hunan now has 27 national wetland parks in total, being one of the provinces with most wetland parks.  To name a few, Yanghu Lake Wetland Park, Tianzihu Wetland Park of Shaoyang, Cenhuai Wetland Park of Lizhou, Chongling Wetland Park of Guiyang, Simeng Wetland Park of Xupu, Donghu Wetland Park of Huarong, Riyuehu Wetland Park of Shuangpai, Tianhu Wetland Park of Changning, and Huayuange Wetland Park of Suining in Shaoyang.

vast sea of clouds and mists at Mangshan National Forest Park

steep mountains and peculiar peaks at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

gorgeous stone at Red Carbonate-Rock Stone Forest National Geopark

breathtaking waterfalls at Xuefeng Mountain National Forest Park

Yanghu Lake Wetland Park