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About Changde

Whether you would like to enjoy the flourishing peach blossom in spring or to experience the splendid cultural atmosphere, Changde has it.

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peach blossom, poetry wall

Best Time of Year:

Mar.- Nov.

Changde is located in the northwest of Hunan, with the Dongting Lake on its east, and bordering on Hubei province on the north, Hunan Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture on the west and Yiyang city on the south.

It is a key city in the west of the vast alluvial plain around the Dongting Lake. Its output of grain, cotton and oil ranks first in Hunan, making it a major base for the production of such commodities in the whole country. Its production of fish, pigs, oranges, tabacco and sugarcane also holds an important position in the province.

The most famous scenic spot in Changde is Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Valley). It is a well known scenic area with lush woods and tranquil environment, which was depicted vividly by TaoYuanming (365AD-427AD), a great poet in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In his prose "Peach Colony", Tao described a fairy valley with enchanting natural scenery where people lived a simple and peaceful life.

Changde is also the birthplace of the eminent writer Ding Ling. With its unique culture and beautiful scenery, it attracted numerous great men of letters, such as Qu Yuan, Tao Yuanming, Fan Zhongyan, Wang Changling and Liu Yuxi, who toured or stayed here and wrote a large number of masterpieces in praise of this land.

Whether you would like to enjoy the beautiful peach blossom all over the mountains and plains in Spring or to experience the splendid culture and humanity atmosphere, Changde has it.


Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Valley)

It is the extraordinary landscape where grand Mount Wuling, mysterious cave and tranquil valleys, rolling water of Dongting Lake are well-blended.

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Poetry Wall in Changde

It is built along a 3 kilometer-long anti-flood dyke, engraved with thousands of poems, calligraphy and painting works. It is listed as the longest wall with engraved arts in Guinness Record.

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Liuye Lake Tourist Resort

To the northeast of Changde there is Liuye Lake which is named after its shape like a willow leaf. It is a ideal place for recreation, convalescence and aquatic sports.

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Huayanxi National Forest Park

The mountains in the park area are covered with nearly 700 hectares of primeval mixed forests.

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Mount Huping National Nature Reserve

This nature reserve boasts the highest mountain, the oldest primeval forests, the longest canyon, the highest waterfall and the largest wildlife reserve in Hunan.

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Chengtoushan Cultural Site

It is the earliest and best-preserved ruins of ancient city in China. It was twice awarded the title of "One of the Ten Major Archaeological Discoveries of China" in 1992 and 1997.

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Changde Rice Noodles

The thin, long, round and smooth rice noodles is made of a mixture of rice flour and specially prepared condiments. The cooked rice noodles give the eater a lasting savor.

Lixian Grape

Each grape is famous for its big size, thin skin, abundant juice, which make a tender, fresh and sweet taste.

Hanshou Yubi Lotus Root

The Yubi lotus root is smooth and non-fibrous but contains plentiful juice with a fresh and appetizing flavor.