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About Chenzhou

If this will be your first time in Hunan, then you should definitely include Chenzhou in your itinerary. This city, a shining jewel of scenery inlaid in south Hunan, will amaze you with its incredible hotsprings, marvelous mountains, exciting rafting, beautiful lakes and delicious food.

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Chenzhou is known as a city blessed with beautiful scenery, a lively environment as well as convenient transportation.

Boasting serene lakes,  beautiful mountains and rocks, mysterious caves, and numerous enjoyable hot springs, Chenzhou has gained a high reputation both at home and abroad as a must-go resort in Hunan for recreation and sightseeing.

Some spots of interest include Mount Suxian, reputed as the “18th blessed land in China”; Dongjiang Lake, nicknamed “The Switzerland of the East”; and Mangshan National Forest Park, known as “Hunan’s Shangrila” for its incredible flora. In addition, the Wugaishan International Hunting Ground is the only authorized hunting field in south China.

Mangshan Mountain 

Dongjiang Lake


Mount Mangshan National Park

World’s most intact subtropical second-growth forest and evergreen broad-leaved forest.

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Dongjiang Lake

Dongjiang Lake is a natural source of both oxygen and fresh air year round. Picturesque scenery and vast limpid water, this region is also well known as “Switzerland East".

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Mount Suxian Scenic Area

Reputed as the "18th blessed land in China", Mount Suxian boasts enchanting natural scenery.

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Longnv Hotspring

The spring water is limpid and rich in mineral substances, which is drinkable and suitable for a relaxing bath.

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Feitian Mountain

Feitian Mountain is featured with typical Danxian Landform. The red rocks covered with green trees are extraordinarily eye-catching.

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Silver Tower

The glittering tower was made of 2,500 kilograms of silver recovered from waste water in factories.

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Linwu Duck

Braised, fried, stewed or even processed into boiled salted duck or dried salted duck, Linwu duck always make mouths water.

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Dongjiang Fish

Dongjiang fish is processed elaborately by advanced smokeless technology, tasting tender and pure.

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Zixing Bamboo Shoot

Zixing bamboo shoot enjoys a good reputation in China for its delicious taste and fragrance.

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