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About Hengyang

With spectacular mountains, tranquil rivers, and religious beliefs, the city has always been called a "Bright Pearl in Southern China".

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Mount. Hengshan

Best Time of Year:

Aug. to Oct.

Hengyang is the second largest city in Hunan with a history of more than 2,000 years. With a mild climate, spectacular mountains, tranquil rivers, and a picturesque landscape, the city has always been known as the "Bright Pearl in Southern China," as well as "Wild Goose City". According to the legend, every winter wild geese come and stay here for a short rest before they continue to fly southward.

This historic and cultural city, known for its profound wisdom, deep religious tradition and  rich culture, is also an agriculturally prosperous area producing an abundance of fish and rice.

Hengyang is richly endowed with natural beauty. Mount Hengshan is one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China. In winter, the soft rimes on the mountain make up a rare and marvelous natural phenomenon in Southern China. Buddhist and Taoist religious traditions were once practiced in numerous large and small temples on the Mountain. These ancient temples and traditions continue to attract followers and tourists from all over the world, winning it the title of "The Peak of Longevity". In addition, the Jiangkou Bird Isle, a paradise famous for housing thousands of birds in lush trees and bamboo, also attracts thousands of researchers and tourists from all over the world.  


Grand Temple

Imitating the style of the Forbidden City in Beijing, Grand Temple on Hengshan Mountain showcases the coexistence of Buddhism and Taoism by a harmonious layout.

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Hengshan Mountain

As a religious holy land and a scenic area integrating cultural and natural attractions in south China, Hengshan Mountain is a dream destination for worshipping, sightseeing and hiking.

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Zhurong Peak

It is the best place to appreciate sunrise and sunset and enjoy a bird's eye view of the rolling mountains.

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Fuyan Temple

Among numerous temples in the mountain, Fuyan Temple is known as China's "First Temple of Buddhist Doctrine". There's an old maidenhair tree of 1,400 years old in the temple, honored as "King of Trees" in Hengyang.

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Huiyan Peak

It is the first peak of the 72 peaks of Hengshan Mountain, blanketed by dense forests and limpid streams.

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Martyrs Shrine

Martyrs Shrine, a key Cultural Relics under the Protection of the State, is built to memorize the soldiers sacrificed during the Anti-Japanese War.


Fermented Tofu

Fermented tofu, also called Chinese cheese, is a local specialty produced in Hengyang. It has a special mouthfeel similar to certain dairy product, but a little salty.

Huzhi alcohol

The unique flavor and pleasing aroma of the alcohol due to cellaring for years can tantalize taste buds and refresh mind.