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About Huaihua

The city' s historic sites, ancient buildings and folk customs of Dong ethnic group are all worth visiting.

2 Days

dong ethnic group

Best Time of Year:

May to Oct.

Huaihua is situated in "the Dong Culture Tourism Zone of China" and is known namely for its Dong culture tours, as well as its share of tours of scenic spots, historic sites and forest resorts. The attractions in Huaihua can be divided geographically, the county consisting of a north, central and south section.

The north section is known for its wealth in both cultural and natural beauty, the region being an important spot in Dong and Miao folklore. Attractions include the Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area, Eyou Mountain Scenic Area and Wuxi Lake, known for having over one thousand islands.

The central section features various Dong and Miao historical sites , such as Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town, Gaoyi Ancient Village, Qiancheng Ancient Town, and the sheltered bridge in Longjin.

In the south section consists of the scattered, enchanting villages of local minority peoples. Visitors can appreciate the drum towers, sheltered bridges, roadside pavilions and ancient cottages, featuring with distinctive architecture of the local inhabitants, as well as the resounding “Grand Song” of the Dong people and the love songs of the Miao people.


Huangdu Dong Nationality Cultural Village

Buildings dating back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties have been well preserved in the village.

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Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town

Located at the confluence of rivers, this little-known town boasts a brilliant history as a financial and trading centre in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

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Yutou Dong Minority Village

Hidden in a valley, Yutou Village is home to an impressive overhanging wooden pavilion-shaped watchtower that dominates the paddy fields and the tea terraces.

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Sheltered Bridge in Longjin

Without any nail, this ancient wooden bridge has been standing since 1591 and enjoys a reputation of "No.1 Bridge in Southwestern Hunan".

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Gaoyi Ancient Village

The traditional buildings in Gaoyi Village are well preserved, presenting the beliefs and lifestyle of Dong ethnic group.

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Memorial Hall for Japan’s Surrender in Zhijiang

This is the first place in China to receive the formal surrender by Japanese invaders during the World War Ⅱ. The venue has been well-preserved with everything kept in the original condition.

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Jingzhou Waxberry

Jingzhou Waxberry enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. It always becomes a hit at food expos.

Zhijiang Duck

Zhijiang duck, a famous specialty food of Dong ethnic group, has perfect combination of color, aroma and taste.

Mayang Stewed Goose

It is a famous dish in Mayang Miao Autonomous County, with beautiful color, nice taste and high nutrition.