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Orange Isle

Orange Isle is like a silk ribbon lying in the middle of the Xiangjiang River. The weekly Saturday night fireworks shows on Orange Isle have been quite a hit with locals.

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Viewed from Mount Yuelu Peak, Orange Isle is a famous Hunan landmark stretching for nearly 5 kilometers down the middle of the Xiangjiang River at Changsha. It varies from 50-200 meters across with a total area of nearly 910,000 sq. ms. It is the longest inland river isle in the world.

Orange Isle consists of three nearly-connected islets: upper [Oxhead], middle [Land and Water] and lower [Fujia]. It is a perennially popular recreation destination. During his time as a Hunan First Normal student, Mao Zedong, spent time on the isle walking, swimming and sunbathing with his classmates. His famous poem Qinyuanchuan-Changsha described his feelings while visiting the Isle years later, in 1925, after he had left school. Presently a white marble monument inscribed with the Chinese characters Juzi Zhoutou (southeast corner of Orange Isle) has the poem on it and the statue of a young Mao Zedong .

Orange Isle presently has many attractions: the park itself; regular fireworks shows; recycling and environmentally-friendly exhibition halls; sports; music; culture and commerce. It has very convenient transportation. Orange Isle has become a sightseeing destination thanks to its collection of integration gardening, entertainment, sports, culture, and commerce. More attractions coming soon are: Hunan Culture Corridor; On-water Amusement Corridor; Orange Garden; Natural Gardens; Harmony Park; Shopping and Food Plazas; a GYM Center; and a Relaxation Resort and Wildlife Park.

Transport: Bus #18 and #317; Subway: Line 2, Orange Isle Station

Tel: (86)731-88825011


Fireworks Show

A world-class fireworks show is presented over Orange Isle every Saturday evening from 8:30 p.m. until 8:50 p.m. beginning in May and ending in October. It is also presented on New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Eve, and Lantern Festival. It is state-of-the-art in scale, form, equipment, and technology.

Orange Isle Music Festival

Held every September since 2010, the Orange Isle Music Festival is a mecca for music fans of many genres including rock, metal, pop, and jazz. Escape the hustle and bustle by following the bands and enjoying the live shows.

Gigantic Bust of a Young Mao Zedong

The large bust of a young Mao Zedong has towered over Orange Isle since 2007. It is a Hunan Province landmark. At 105-foot-tall it is based on how Mao looked in 1925 when he wrote his famous poem describing his feelings about Orange Isle. The bust was built to commemorate his 116th birthday and shows him as a smooth-faced handsome young man with wind-blown hair.