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About Shaoyang

Spectacular rock formations on Langshan Mountain, vast grassland in Chengbu County, rare animals and plants in Suining County, fascinating customs of Miao and Dong ethnic groups and precious intangible cultural heritages, whatever you desire and Shaoyang has it.

2-4 Days

Danxia Landform,grassland

Best Time of Year:

Mar. - Nov.

Shaoyang is a large green stretch of land in the western part of Hunan Province. It boasts a broad area of grassland in Nanshan Scenic Area in Chengbu County, the luxuriant Yunshan National Forest Park, the crimson rock formations on Langshan Mountain, rare animals and plants at Huangsangping in Suining County, as well as hot springs in Longhui Huayao Scenic Area.


Besides the unique natural scenery, there are also many cultural resorts in Shaoyang. The city has a long history of Wuchu culture and Meishan culture. The customs of Miao and Dong ethnic groups are fascinating. Girls’ Day of Miao Nationality in Suining is the most ceremonious festival for Miao people every year, which is listed in the catalogue of the second batch of Chinese intangible cultural heritage. Huayao hand-stitching work of Huxingshan Yao Nationality Township is included in the catalogue of the first batch of Chinese intangible cultural heritage and was collected by the UNESCO, the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and Chinese National Museum of Ethnology.


What's more, many famous people in Chinese history such as Wei Yuan and Cai E left their footprints in Shaoyang.

All the attractions above jointly make the city a miraculous oasis.


Langshan Mountain Scenic Area

It features a galaxy of Danxia landforms. Huge deep red rocks in various bizarre shapes present tourists with a marvelous view.

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Nanshan Scenic Area in Chengbu County

The scenic area looks like a landscape painting with an immense grassland of more than 10,000 hectares, undulating green hills, verdant fields and white clouds in the blue sky.

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Huangsang National Nature Reserve

Hailed as an unpolluted oasis by the UNESCO, it integrates natural landscape with cultural richness, covering five scenic spots, ten karst caves, three waterfalls, myriad picturesque peaks, rocks as well as ancient trees.

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Mount Huxing-Huayao Scenic Area

New Year's pictures, fragrant powder paper and colored paper are known as local Three Marvels which have been listed as Chinese cultural heritages for salvation.

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Shaoyang White Water Cave

Famous for its magnificent mountains and serene water, mysterious caves and stones, and rich human landscape, it is a resort favored by poets and literary men.

Yunshan Mountain

Replete with miraculous mountains, clear water, luxuriant forest and fickle clouds, it is a land for travel, worshipping Buddha, scientific research and recreations.

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Baoqing Pork Blood Balls

As a traditional dish of Shaoyang, it is widely praised for its obvious native flavor.

Wugang Pot-Stewed Dishes

The dishes are marinated and cooked according to special recipes and their special taste brings them a wide reputation.