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About Xiangxi

Distinctive architectural features, spectacular waterfall and mysterious folk customs await you in Xiangxi.

4-5 Days

Fenghuang, waterfall

Best Time of Year:

All Year

Located in the northwestern part of Hunan Province, Xiangxi is the only autonomous prefecture in Hunan inhabited by most ethnic groups. Among them, Han, Tujia and Miao nationalities have the largest population. Impressive folk customs and handicrafts of Miao and Tujia people vividly portray their belief, lifestyle and traditions.

The destination is the land of adventure. The combination of raw nature and cultural traditions brings you to the heart of ancient Hunan. Ancient towns in Xiangxi possess utterly striking beauty and distinctive architectural features such as the stilted buildings dotted along the Tuojiang River. Another wonder with untouched forest cover of various flora species is spectacular branches of the famous waterfall in Furong Town.

There are so many tempting delights and new experiences await you in Xiangxi.


Fenghuang Ancient Town

One of the best destinations recommended by Lonely Planet. Its diverse residents built a breathtaking riverside settlement of winding alleys, temples and rickety stilt houses, which these days attract tourists by the bucketload.

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Furong Town

Originally named Wangcun, Furong town is famous for its majestic waterfall and the mansions and administrative buildings and homes, which form a castle like formation providing royal impression.

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Dehang Miao Village

Dehang is the land of Miao culture. It is the perfect place to discover serene natural beauty and a heart-melting and captivating cultural display.

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Qianzhou Ancient Town

The town is decorated with picturesque old-stone paved streets and grey brick traditional houses. It has become an important port connecting the inland areas and Miao ethnic minorities since the Qin dynasty (221BC-206BC).

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Aizhai Bridge

Built in Ming dynasty, the 13-kilometer-long defensive wall is the only Great Wall in southern China.

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Red Carbonate-Rock Stone Forest National Geopark

It is the only red carbonate forest found in China. Formed naturally by the ocean, the fields of rocks change colors in response to weather conditions.

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Smoked Bacon

It is an epidemic specialty in Xiangxi. The homemade delicacy is usually for spring festival.

Sour Fish

Sour fish is unique to the Miao people. It is an indispensible delicacy when Miao people entertain honored guests.

Rice Tofu

Rice tofu made from rice is a delicious taste in Xiangxi.