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About Yiyang

Hospitable Yiyang welcomes you appreciate green bamboos, trace Ancient Tea-horse Road, sample dark tea and local delicious food.

2 Days

bamboo sea, anhua dark tea

Best Time of Year:

May to Oct.

Since ancient times, Yiyang has been famous as a land of fish and rice. Located where the Zijiang River empties into Dongting Lake, the area has a temperate climate.The city’s landscape consists of vast Dong Ting Lake contrasted with various snow-capped peaks; here you will find one half of the city is taken by mountains and the other by waters.

In the land of bamboo in Taohuajiang, you may enjoy a cup of tea in a farmer's house, watch a dance show and drink some of the local wine. Be careful, it’s rather easy to get lost in Yiyang’s vast sea of flowers. Heshan District owns many large fishing grounds with a total area of over 7,000 hectares, where tourists may go fishing and taste the delicious fish prepared by local fishermen.

The city is categorized as having a “subtropical humid monsoon climate,” meaning the annual average temperature is a bit higher than its neighborhood regions. Comparatively, it has cooler summers and warmer winters.

Some historical sites of interest include  the Bamboo Sea, Anhua Ancient Tea-horse Road Scenic Spot, Taohuajiang Forest Park and Yiyang Olympic Park.

Anhua Ancient Tea-horse Road Scenic Spot

Anhua-Hometown of Dark Tea


Anhua Ancient Tea-horse Road Scenic Spot

This ancient commercial passage has long been dubbed as the last caravan road and the best-preserved remnant of its kind in south China.

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Bamboo Sea

Walking in between tall, green bamboos provides you an opportunity to be close to the nature, and to forget noisy urban life.

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Taohuajiang Forest Park

The forest park boasts spectacular landscape composed of enchanting lake and fascinating bamboo sea.

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South Dongting Lake Wetland

The wetland is the largest area growing reed-like perennial herbs in the world.

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Yiyang Olympic Park

It is a sports theme park which integrates both elements of modern architecture and natural landscape.

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Dongshi Ancient Street

Strolling on the street, you can have an original taste of ancient town and enjoy its quietness.

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Preserved Eggs

With milky-white pine bough pattern on its surface, the egg tastes cool, smooth and refreshing.

Anhua Dark Tea

The post-fermented tea gets its name from its color and helps keep fit.

Mashed Tea

Mashed tea is a traditional drink of Hakka people, boasting the functions of relieving thirst and satisfying appetite.

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