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About Zhuzhou

A traffic hub, a cradle of China's electric locomotive, a center of pottery and porcelain art or a Mecca for Chinese people to seek ancestors, no matter what way you look at the city, you will fall in love with it.

2-3  Days

porcelain, electric locomotives

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Zhuzhou, which borders Changsha in the north and Mount Hengshan in the south, is the eastern gateway of Hunan Province. Legend has it that Emperor Yan (Shennong in Chinese) once grew crops, tasted all kind of herbal medicines, taught people to plough the fields, and created farming culture - the source of Chinese civilization - in this area. Now Emperor Yan's mausoleum still exists here for Chinese people to worship. Yanling County, known as the "first mausoleum of the divine land", is a Mecca for Chinese people to seek ancestors. The wonderful Danxia landform in Chaling County, the karst caves in the Jiubujiang National Geopark and the ancient biological fossils are all time-honored gifts of great nature. The Xiannong Altar, Lujiang Academy and the former residence of Li Lisan (1899.3-1967.6) remind people of Zhuzhou's revolutionary enthusiasm in the past.

Zhuzhou is also the cradle of electric locomotives, as well as the base of aero-generators, lead and zinc in China. Pottery and porcelain wares produced in Liling County enjoy a high reputation throughout the world, crowned the "top of pottery and porcelain art in the East". Pop into the town – you’re welcome to visit – and take home a unique piece of art or pottery. Thanks to long-term development, a Hongguan Kiln tour in Liling as the representative of this industry has become a highlight of any visit to Zhuzhou.


Emperor Yan's Mausoleum

It is a sacred place for all the descendants of Emperor Yan and Huang in the world to seek their roots and pay homage to their earliest ancestors.

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Fantawild Adventure Theme Park

The park blends modern technology and traditional themes, exciting and entertaining visitors with a large variety of attractions.

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Zhuzhou Section Along the Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt

The section integrates rivers, mountains, bays and temples, winding its way through the most fascinating parts of Zhuzhou city.

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Shennong City

Known for Yandi culture, the city is a holy place and root for the Chinese and a global Chinese Yandi Cultural Landscape Center.

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Shennong Valley National Forest Park

The park is a gene bank of rare natural animals and plants. Taking a tour here to absorb the most negative oxygen ions in Asia and meet the highest waterfall in Hunan.

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Yunyang Mountain National Forest Park

The park embodies elegance, tranquility, peril and uniqueness in its various landscapes as verdant ridges and peaks, rocks and caves, waterfalls and springs.

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Caopo Cured Meat

The cured meat is home-made by hanging it beside a stove for quite a long time. The meat looks transparent, with a bright color and a delicious flavor.

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Liling Red Peppers

Produced in Hejiaqiao, Nan-xiang Township, Liling County, the red peppers are bright in color, and thick in flesh.

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Caopo Rice Wine

After rice is brewed, it is sealed and buried underground for five years. Caopo Rice Wine is sweet and tasty, with a delicate scent.

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