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Hunan, known locally as the land of fish and rice, is a province abounding in agricultural resources. It offers tourists a range of activities in regards to its agriculture, the most popular of which include visits to orchards and animal farms, ecological gardens, and resorts.

Agritourism is  ideal  for those who want to experience the Hunan countryside; its daily habits, culture, and manners of the people that inhabit it, and of course all of its natural flavor. By participating in these trips, visitors get to experience agricultural life first hand.

Some fresh air, simple living, a peaceful atmosphere, and some countryside hospitality: these are just some of the things to expect on an agritourism trip. Taking part in farm activities stands for more than a simple traveling experience. Rather, represents a return to tradition; it is an immediate, personal relationship between people and the land, where a guest soon becomes a friend.

Hunan’s endless natural resources combined with its unique culture and traditions make for a set of experiences that couldn’t be more authentic.

A trip across Hunan is one with many treats along the way, with interactive museums, cool attractions, fun festivals and amazing parks. It is also a great place for kids of all ages! There are hundreds of outdoor and indoor activities to entertain kids and parents all year round.

Below you will find some suggested activities in Hunan for families touring the province:

Working in the Fields

Visitors have the opportunity to work in the fields alongside real farmers and wade knee-deep in the river with fishermen hauling in their nets.

Planting and Picking Organic Vegetables

Picking organic vegetables that you planted yourself is an amazingly satisfying experience! Join us in creating a sustainable organic farm and bring the rich agricultural land of Hunan closer to your heart.

Picking Seasonal Fruits


Picking seasonal fruits is a very popular activity in  Hunan, especially in early spring for strawberries, in late spring for waxberries and in the summer for grapes. Weather patterns and temperatures change year in and year out in Hunan, so the picking season can often differ.

Participating in Traditional Tea Seed Oil Extraction   

Help with picking camellia seeds (also known as tea seeds) using several age-old harvesting techniques, and then take them to a traditional camellia seed press. Immerse yourself into the traditional art of extracting precious tea seed oil!

Going Fishing

Fishing is all about getting away from city life, wading in an open pond or lake and having some fun under the sun,. Fishing builds character, as the saying goes, and having a delicious meal waiting for you afterwards never hurts either.

Fresh Fruit Picking Guide in Summer


June is the perfect season to go picking summer fruits. Find a farm or orchard near you and experience the joy of picking fresh summer fruit with your family and getting in close touch with nature.

Recommended Places to Go

Lianhua (Lotus) Town in Yuelu District

honey peach

A fruit-planting base with an area of over 1,000 mu (about 66.7 hectares) was recently expanded in Lianhua (Lotus) Town. The orchard is home to more than 50 species of fruits, including huangjin pear, navel orange, Nanfeng tangerine, honey pomelo, peach, plum, apricot, walnut, loquat, persimmon, grape, winter jujube, apple and cherry.

Best Times to go Picking: from June 5 to July 15 for honey peach; from July to August for watermelon

Transportation: depart from the city proper of Changsha, then take Changtan West Line Expressway and drive along county highway No. X079 to Lianhua (Lotus) Town.

Weishan Township in Ningxiang County


Located in the mountainous area of western Ningxiang County, Weishan Township adjoins Anhua County and Taojiang County in Yiyang City and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hunan.

Best Times to go Picking: from July to the mid-August for American plum; from July to September for other plum types

Transportation: Citizens in Changsha can take Changsha-Changde Expressway, exit the Expressway in Ningxiang and drive to Weishan Scenic Spot.

Changsha Baiguo (Hundred Fruits) Garden


Covering an area of 1,100 mu (about 73.3 hectares), Baiguo Garden is an ecological park known for its sightseeing and leisure in Changsha. Various fruit trees cover the hillsides and large bunches of grapes can be seen hanging along vines across the park. Plum and loquat season begins in June.

Best Times to go Picking: from June 15 to July 5 for waxberry; from July to August for pear and grape; from August to September for red grape, Chinese chestnut and pear.

Transportation: seven kilometers away from Leifeng Avenue in Wangcheng District of Changsha

Baisha Town in Changsha County

yellow pear

The 8,000-mu (533.3-hectares) fruit-planting base in Baisha Town has over 20 kinds of fruits, including peach, waxberry, plum, pear and jujube.

Best Times to go Picking: from June 15 to June 30 for peach; from June 15 to July 5 for waxberry; from June 30 to August 20 for American plum; from July 5 to July 30 for yellow pear

Transportation: about one-hour drive from the city proper of Changsha to Baisha Town. Connecting No. s207 in the east, Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway runs through the town. The northern extension of Huangxing Avenue has already been open to traffic in Baisha Town.

Lukou Town in Changsha County


The blueberry-planting base in Mingyue Village of Lukou Town is the largest of its kind in Hunan. Its current planting area reaches more than 1,000 mu (about 66.7 hectares). More than 15 kinds of blueberries (including Britewell and Tifblue of America) planted here are transported from Jiangxi, Anhui and Kunming by air. Last year the blueberries ripened and came into the market after 4-5 years of cultivation.

Best Times to go Picking: from the end of May to the end of July

Location: blueberry planting base in Mingyue Village of Lukou Town

Chunhua Town in Changsha County

Best times to go Picking: from the end of May to August

Location: Chunhua Town and along the national highway No. 207

Daweishan Town

With an annual expansion area of 2,000 mu (133.3 hectares) to 3,000 mu (200 hectares), Daweishan Town now covers an area of 24,000 mu (160 hectares) with more than 2,000 planters growing peach, pear, plum, jujube waxberry, and many more.

Best Times to go Picking: from June 5 to July 15 for honey peach; from June 15 to July 5 for waxberry; from July 15 to August 25 for sand pear

Transportation: take Changsha-Yongzhou Expressway to Liuyang City, then drive along Liudong Road to Daweishan Town. It will take 80 minutes.