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Cycling & Mountain Biking

Both an answer to the parking problem and a great option to keep fit, recreational cycling nowadays has become fashionable among residents, young and old.

As one of the most popular eco-friendly ways of traveling, road biking in Hunan can be a leisurely yet exciting way to see the province. Trips to heavenly Zhangjiajie, red Xiangtan, green Loudi, rustic Huaihua, idyllic Changde, and bucoloic Xiangxi by bike will give you spectacular landscapes and allow you to experience profound culture.

For mountain biking lovers, Hunan will not disappoint; it offers you the most challenging yet beautiful terrain, with routes ranging from smooth runs to rough trips across rocky hills. For instance, while cycling in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, you'll easily find yourself amazed by its karst structures and wildlife.

In Hunan, cycling tours have been growing in popularity. Whether you choose to go alone or with a group, cycling across the province allows for a unique and sustainable trip. The province offers biking tours catered specially to your interests and physical condition.

Major Cycling Events in Hunan

1.  8th Tour de Hunan Cycling Race

The opening race of the 8th Tour de Hunan Cycling Race is to kick off at Laodaowan scenic area of Mount Tianmen in Zhangjiajie City on July 5th. The cycling race is a big event for amateur cyclists.

The 2015 cycling race is sponsored by the Italian bicycle brand “Laux”. To attract more competitive riders to participate, the first prize will gradually be increased to 200,000 yuan or above.

The organizing committee of the competition established a VIP club on May 31. The club is aiming to uniting people from all walks of life to make contributions to promoting Hunan’s cycling and public welfare undertakings.

The course: Luciwan Bridge (starting line—branch line of Changde-Zhangjiajie Expressway --expressway exit--Yongding Avenue--Yongding Road--North Railway Station—Maoyi (Trade) Road--Luciwan Viaduct--Dayong Road--Guanli Road--Zhangjiajie International Tourism Commercial City--Tianmen Road--Shuangxia Tunnel--Tianmen Road-- Laodaowan scenic area (finishing line)

2. Tour de Hunan Cycling Race

The Tour de Hunan Cycling Race was launched in 2004 for the first time. Throughout the past ten years, the race has significantly influenced generations of bicycle enthusiasts with its charm spreading across and beyond the province. Three racing tracks are usually set up along the Orange Isle, the Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt and Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area.

3.  2014 Hunan Cycling in Colors

The 2014 Hunan Cycling in Colors, a grand two-day outdoor activity and rather grand cycling eventChina, was launched in the Laodaowan scenic spot of Zhangjiajie,. Wearing bikinis and covering the rest of their bodies with DIY colored paint, 500 outdoor enthusiasts from locations both domestic and abroad competed against each other on the 6-mile track from Laodaowan to the theatre at Tianmen Fairy Fox Canyon. The cyclers painted the bare parts of their body with such pictures of animals or plants as fish, butterflies, dragonflies, lotus leaves and white lotuses, as well as catchy slogans and inspirational quotes like “I am a fish, and the earth needs green.”