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Hunan is home to spectacular mountains, plenty of sunshine, pristine forests and colorful folk customs. It boasts some of the world’s most famous mountains, unparalleled natural beauty and cultural events the whole family can enjoy. With its great shopping and choice entertainment, Hunan truly has it all.

Join in the fun at one of our countless festivals and events! From sunny summer festivities to snowy winter carnivals, we’ve got plenty to keep you busy. You can sample local food and wine at culinary events, join in the song and dance at music festivals, celebrate with the locals during Chinese traditional holidays or feel the pulse of our own vibrant cultural scenes.  

Hunan's endless array of shops and restaurants also make for a different, make-your-own kind of entertainment.

Music & Arts

If you're an arts lover, you'll feel right at home in Hunan. The province's rich cultural background has helped produce a whole range of art and art styles as well as a thriving creative community.

Plenty of festivals bring excitement to Hunan, including the Tourism Festival, the Hunan Province Foreigner Photo Contest, the Golden Eagle Award, the Orange Isle Music Festival, and the Zhangjaijie International Country Music Festival, just to name a few.

Hunan has a number of venues at which you can enjoy music in the evening. Treat yourself to a symphony or opera in one of Hunan's state-of-the-art facilities. Catch a concert at any number of clubs or try the opulent and historic Hunan Grand Theater.

Colorful Nightlife

In recent years, options for having fun after dark in Hunan have exploded. Older streets are bustling with new energy and trendy new districts keep the party going long into the night. From music clubs to bars and live music venues, there are venues across the province to suit most every taste.

With countless attractions, including arts performances, elegant dining, and an electrifying array of bars and games tables, Hunan's entertainment deliver an experience beyond comparison.