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Liuyang, a city in central China’s Hunan Province, known as the world’s fireworks capital, is the single biggest producer of fireworks on the planet. Liuyang lights up the World Expo, World Cup, New Year Spring Festival, Olympic Games, Handover Ceremony of Hong Kong & Macao, National Day celebrations, as well many other major events in more than 100 countries across the globe. Even those bottle rockets stashed in your closet were made here.

Hunan’s Liuyang and Liling boast thousands of factories and shops that cater to the various needs of its customers, whether they be little kids running around throwing firecrackers like super balls, or its more regular customers, such as the curators of the Hunan Firework Show performed on the weekends in Changsha. When you are visiting Hunan, it will be hard to miss these sorts of events, especially during the Spring Festival; with lanterns and festoons decorated across town, fireworks displays this way and that, together creating a jubilant and auspicious atmosphere that surrounds the entire province.

Fireworks Show

Liuyang can be easily reached from Hunan’s capital, Changsha, which hosts a public display of Liuyang’s fireworks every Saturday night around 8 p.m. on Orange Isle.


Fireworks Museum

If you're interested in fireworks, especially in regard to their history, and if you’re in the area, a trip to the Fireworks Museum would be well worth your time. Nearby there is also a temple with a large incense burning area which will occasional host  festivals of its own. Liuyang’s Chinese Fireworks Cultural Museum is open six days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with an admission fee of RMB 30.

Embroideries on Liuyang Fireworks

The fireworks of Liuyang are famous far and wide for their masterful techniques, expert craftsmanship, bright colors, showy displays and rich history.. If you are curious about the pyrotechnics involved in making these shows possible, the Exhibition Halls of Embroideries on Liuyang Fireworks is certainly worth a visit.