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With 15 geological parks, 27 national wetland parks and thousands of acres of public land, hikers have plenty to do and see throughout Hunan province.

The hiking trails throughout Hunan province offer the perfect escape from city life. Walk alongside a crystal clear river, breath in the fresh air around mountain areas and take in of all nature’s beauty. The scenery of Hunan’s famous scenic spots look like something out of a fairytale book – picturesque and untouched.

As an agriculture province, Hunan is incredibly green and full of life! The forest coverage of the province reaches over 97.4%. You can enjoy the spectacular view of breathtaking mountains, beautiful waterfalls and winding paths. Along the way to the forest parks, you will be amazed by Hunan’s unique assortment of plants and stones. The countryside’s air is extraordinary fresh.

Autumn is the perfect season to explore the countryside’s beautiful landscape and historic structures. The weather is nice and cool, making it ideal for hiking or jogging.

Whether you want to scale a mountain or stroll along its caves, Hunan has the perfect hike for you. With hundreds of trails to choose from, it’s hard to narrow our selection down to just a few, but here are some favorites:

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie’s vast landscape provides unforgettable treks, capable of satisfying every hiker’s wanderlust. The park covers an area of 4300 hectares with a forest coverage of 97%. The park itself houses 98 woody plant families for a total of 517 different plant species, over twice the amount of species found in Europe. Hike through the park and find yourself taking in Zhangjiajie’s beautiful sandstone forest. Encounter steep hills, rugged ridges and peaks, tranquil valleys, rushing streams and abundant fauna and flora.

Jiulongjiang National Forest Park

Juiulongjiang National Forest Park offers a calm, peaceful and beautiful hike, where you can observe and take pictures of its breathtaking scenery, astonishing waterfalls  and beautiful local people. Its waterfalls are pure, clear and clean, just a small example of Jiulongjiang’s untouched beauty. What’s also noteworthy is the soothing sound the rivers make when the water rushes past the rocks. The air is also very fresh. For those looking for a close encounter with nature, this hike is for you.

Yellow Dragon Cave

There is no better way to explore all the wonders of Yellow Dragon Cave than hiking through it. With miles of caves to explore, boats to take and all kinds of karst landforms, the cave offers incredible views with excitement at every corner.

Shennong Park

Located at the northeastern corner of Yanling County, Shennong Park covers a total area of 150,000 mu (10,000 hectares). The park, with a forest coverage rate of 98%, has been honored as a national natural reserve and a national AAAA scenic area. Shennong Park is ideal for scientific expedition, camping, holiday recreation, and hiking.