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Hot Springs

Hunan, a province rich in geothermal resources, truly is a haven for those in search of a blissful, relaxing spa to transport them away from the stresses and strains of daily life and work, especially during the cold wintertime.


Most of the province's hot spring resorts are clustered in Changsha and Chenzhou, where locals began to utilize the steamy mineral water for bathing in early days.The hot spring with constant temperature all year round in Hunan is more attractive in winter. Different from other places, hot spring here not only has high-quality water but also beauty and wonderful atmosphere. Forest and hot spring here depend on each other. Hot spring adds romance to forest, and forest in turn increases pleasantness to hot spring. 

Hot springs deliver primitive mountain settings, soothing waters and luxurious spa treatments. For most Hunan tourists, one of the must-dos on the list in winter is to melt the frost away and seek an authentic spa experience. The hot spring water effuses from the deep area of earth's surface which is clean and limpid. The hot spring water is helpful in the treatment of various kinds of rheumatism, skin diseases and other diseases related with the genital system.

Here, we have compiled some popular hot spring resorts in Hunan:

Zilong Bay Huitang Hot Spring Resort

The Zilong Bay Huitang Hot Spring, with a history of more than 2,000 years, is globally renowned for its high water temperature, fantastic water quality and unique aquatic products. With the highest water temperature reaching to 102℃, it is one of the three major high-temperature spas in China. The spring water contains 29 kinds of trace elements and minerals beneficial to humans, having significant advantages as being anti-inflammatory, producing sedation, inducing calming effect, regulating physiologic functions, improving cardiovascular. Furthermore, it helps in improving blood circulation as well as nerve system and other chronic diseases, thus bringing the resort its reputation of China’s only“natural medical spring”. The spring contains rich sodium bicarbonate (commonly known as baking soda), making skin smooth as cream and body slimmer, indeed deserving the  tile of“Beauty Spring”.

Hunan Zilong Bay Hot Spring Resort has so far won the titles of national AAAA grade scenic resort, China’s first high-temperature health spa, China’s top ecological hot spring resort, Hunan people’s favorite hot spring with unique characteristics, one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Changsha, a garden unit in Changsha, etc.

Xiangdian Huitang Hot Springs Resort

The Xiangdian Huitang Hot Springs Resort (Xiangdian Hot Spring Sanatorium) is staffed by over 40 well-known medical specialists working with advanced medical equipment to treat all kinds of illnesses through the combination of natural hot spring, medicinal, and mechanical therapy.

Huitang Hotspring in Ningxiang County

Huitang Hotspring in Ningxiang County has a history of 2000 years. The water is transparent and clear and the spring water temperature reaches as high as 89.5 degree centigrade and has 29 types of minerals that are beneficial to the human body. It has always been regarded as "natural medical hotspring".

Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan Resort of Chenzhou City

Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan Resort of Chenzhou City is located between the mountain and river with beautiful scenery, and is surrounded by the magnificent bamboo sea, which has created a graceful and restrained atmosphere. The hot spring water effuses from the deep area of earth's surface which is clean and limpid. The hot spring in Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan Resort of Chenzhou City is the largest natural hot spring in Hunan Province, one of the four geothermal fields in South China, and the hottest hot spring in China, with the highest temperature of 98 degree centigrade.