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With countless shopping malls, antique stores, clothing boutiques and gift shops open from 8am to 10pm, Hunan is a shopper's paradise.

Being dazzled by the fantastic firework display in the firework production capital of the world, Liuyang, getting lost in the mesmerizing traditional clothing designs of Zhuzhou, experiencing sheer shock when encountering the astonishingly low prices of leather wares and lighters in Shaodong County, being impressed by the wondrous techniques of Xiang embroidery in Shaping Town and extraordinary under-glazed colored porcelain in Liling City are all experiences that come naturally in a day out shopping in Hunan.

Take a special tour of Hunan’s unique and exquisite folk arts and crafts, such as Hunanese calligraphy and paintings, paper sculptures, Hunan embroidery, palm plaiting, and wax printing. From luxurious shopping malls to bargain-filled outlets and gift shops, from well-known local products to creative souvenirs, we’ve got something for every occasion and every budget.

What to buy in Hunan:

Hunan's Liuyang City is the earliest known source of chrysanthemum stones, rocks named for their chrysanthemum-like textures, boasts an over two hundred years history of selling these stones.

Xiang embroidery, known for its masterful technique and unique style, is a well-known handicraft method created by the Hunanese people, and is one of China's four famous embroideries.  

Liling City’s under-glazed colored porcelain vase, the “Hyacinth Bean & Double Birds Vase” won a gold medal at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition.

As a traditional product and one of the main exports of Hunan Province, Liuyang fireworks light up birthdays, weddings and various international celebrations in more than 100 countries across the globe, such as the independence-day and Olympic Games, hence Liuyang’s name, "The Capital of Fireworks".

Junshan Yinzhen Tea is the only yellow tea listed in the famed “Top 10 Chinese Teas.” Anhua dark tea is also the only dark tea selected by the UN pavilion in China.