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Skiing & Snow Sports

Picture yourself skiing in Hunan; a fine winter’s day, breathtaking scenery and a mountain of fresh virgin snow. Is there anything more captivating?

There are places in Hunan where you can downhill ski and snowboard on challenging, beautiful mountain slopes – and enjoy crisp, sunny weather throughout the season. Whether you're a beginner or an expert skier, ski resorts in Hunan will take the stress out by arranging everything.

If your skills are more bunny hill than black diamond, don’t worry. The ski resorts also offer lessons with a qualified instructor, and equipment rentals are available at these locations throughout the province.  

Hunan also enjoys some of the best downhill and ski facilities in central China.

The twinkling lights of the local ski mountains - Dawei Mountain in Changsha and Dongshan Mountain in Changde, attract the province's residents and tourists alike, urging them to strap on snowboards, skis or snow shoes throughout winter months.

Hunan’s ski fields are uncrowded with plenty of gentle slopes for first-time skiers and off-piste skiing and steep slopes for the more adventurous.

These resorts promise a day full of excitement and family fun.

We have compiled the following ski resorts for reference.

Dawai Mountain Ski Resort

Located on the Dawei Mountain in Changsha, the Dawei Mountain Ski Resort is the province’s most popular ski destination. If your skills are more bunny hill than black diamond, don’t worry. Convenient facilities are widely provided here. The resort is ideal for families and ski pros alike.

Changde Dongshan Mountain Ski Resort

Tucked away in the charming mountain town of Dongshan Mountain, Changde Ski Resort features developed ski areas for downhill skiers and snowboarders and natural areas perfect for skiing and snowshoeing. Enjoy the slow pace and untouched scenery of a snowboarding or snowshoeing trip.

Liuyang Ruixiang Indoor Ski Center

Situated in Liuyang, Ruixiang Ski Center is the first and best indoor ski resort in Hunan. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, the Ski Center offers an amazing setting to enjoy skiing, snowboarding or just playing in the snow – whatever your level.