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The 3rd Hunan (Yuanling) Landscape Sports Festival

Duration: Sept.11th – 13th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Organized by:

The Tourism Overseas Chinese and Foreign Affairs Bureau of Yuanling County

Yuanling Cultural Tourism Construction and Investment Co., Ltd.

Eligibility: International friends from Europe, America and Africa

Number of Participants: 30 (half male and half female)

Deadline for Application: Sept. 1st

Please download the application form at the bottom of the page.

Timetable of the festival

Day 1

# Leave for Yuanling County, Huaihua City

# Participate in the opening ceremony of Huaihua "Ancient City, Ancient Town and Ancient Village" Cultural Tourism Festival & Hunan (Yuanling) Landscape Sports Festival

# Enjoy local shows

Day 2

# Visit scenic spots such as Fenghuang Mountain, Longxing Teaching Temple in Yuanling, Eryou Mountain, Youshui River Folkloric Gallery, Fengtan Dam and Jinwan River

# Take part in campfire party

Day 3

# Back to Changsha

Highlights of the festival

walk alongside a crystal clear river-Jinwan River, breath in the fresh air around mountain areas and take in of all nature’s beauty

enjoy the fun of water splashing and appreciate the charm of folk songs of Miao Ethinic Group

experience Tujia wedding on Youshui River

hunt for footprints of animals dated back to the Ancient Times

take part in beach volleyball and tug-of-war contest and win grand prize

  • take a campfire on the beach with sounds of nature by DJ bands

sleep in tent along Youshui River, relax in a cool beach and count the stars in the sky

visit five scenic areas of Yuanling with a very low price