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Xiangjiang Cup International Regatta 2015

Venue: Orange Isle
Duration: June 20 to June 21 
Official Website:
The magnificent scene of hundreds of sailboats competing on the Xiangjiang River will be expected again in Changsha during the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. It is for the first time that the international regatta is staged on the river of inland city. With top-level sailing skills, approachable watching environment for audience, grand fireworks shows and interactive carnival activities, Changsha will certainly witness a distinctive Dragon Boat Festival.
The 2015 China (Changsha) Xiangjiang River International Regatta and Water Carnival will be held on Orange Isle from 20th to 21st of June. It is the first time for China’s inland city to host such large-scale professional sailing race.
The competition will be composed of two parts, the rally race and track race. The sailing rally will start from the temporary shipside at the south end of Orange Isle to the marina of Yuxiang Cotton Mill, rowing downstream for a length of 12.5 kilometers. The track race will take place along the west bank of the river ranging from the south end of Orange Isle to the north of the Houzishi Bridge. The event will be conducted in the core region of Changsha with its track passing nearly 30 scenic spots in Changsha, such as Hunan First Normal University, Tianxin Pavilion, Du Fu Pavilion (the Pavilion on the shore of Xiang River in honor of Famous Poet Du Fu), Pozi Street, Fiery Palace, Kaifu Temple, Yuelu Academy, Yuelu Mountain and the Orange Isle, fully displaying Changsha’s natural landscape, characteristics and profound cultural foundation.

Theme: Happy Changsha, Charming Xiangjiang

 At present, preparatory works are in progress accordingly, for instance  registration of competitors from home and abroad and security plans formulating. About 400 participants have signed up, including competitors from China’s national team and provincial teams, as well as sailors, security personnel and technical officers from eight countries and regions such as France, the United Kingdom and Belgium etc. About 100 carracks and working boats in various sizes will be available. Spectators can watch the game along the Xiangjiang River Bank, on the Orange Isle and Yuelu Mountain as well.
The event, with the theme "happy Changsha, charming Xiangjiang", is jointly hosted by the Chinese Yachting Association, Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau, Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau and Changsha Municipal People’s Government, and undertaken by the Changsha Tourism Bureau and Changsha Sports Bureau. During the Festival, in addition to the sailing race, the organizing committee will arrange a series of activities such as fireworks shows on the Orange Isle, sailing culture experience day and Sailing Carnival.

Activities Coming Soon
Onshore and Water Activities for Two Days
The 2015 International Regatta lasts two days. Besides physical competitions, there will be numerous wonderful activities. Firstly, the opening ceremony will be held on the morning of 20th June. It is divided into two major parts, onshore and water programs, such as recitation of Songs of Chu, performances of classical dance and song. The welcome ceremony for international sailors will be held at night, and awards dinner & closing ceremony on the following day.
In addition to activities for competitors, activities on the Orange Isle and Yuxiang Cotton Mill will be available for the public to participate in.
Volunteer Wanted
According to the Organizing Committee and in light of security and the long length of shoreline of the regatta and many watching places, Safety Guide on Watching Game will be published about a week before the race in major crowded areas in Changsha city. Separation barriers and protecting devices will be set up in watching places in key areas.
It is known that this event will recruit university student volunteers to keep guard on security in key areas. The recruitment will be initiated soon. Interested university student volunteers can login the official website to participate in.
1.What can you watch in sailing?
Sailing is a perfect blend of wind, water, people and boat; hence spectators can watch the speed, competitors and the cooperation of boats and natural conditions.

Competitors --- Demonstration of competitors' endurance and volition is a major aspect when watching sailing.
Performance --- Being conducted in natural conditions, sailing is directly affected by weather and hydrologic conditions. Therefore, planned race rounds may not be finished; hence there are no absolute records but the best results. 
2. No high-heeled shoes
Since sailing is fashionable and exciting, audiences watching the game need to be dressed as casually as possible for convenience and comfort. It is highly suggested to dress sportswear and avoid wearing high heels.

Xiangjiang Cup International Regatta 2015 Viewer’s Guide

The Xiangjiang Cup International Regatta 2015, as China’s first international regatta held in inland river, will kick off in Changsha on June 20.  Nearly 400 participants have already enrolled, including competitors from China’s national and provincial teams, and sailors, security personnel and technical officers from eight countries and regions including France, United Kingdom and Belgium.

【Activities Forecast】Land and Water Activities Over the Next Two Days

The Xiangjiang Cup International Regatta 2015 will be held over the next two days, and in addition to the sporting competitions, there will be many other exciting activities. First will be the opening ceremony, which will be held on the morning of June 20. The ceremony is divided into two parts, the first being held on land and the second being held on the water. The ceremony will include recitation of Chu prose and poetry, as well as classical song and dance performances.

In addition to the athletic activities, anybody can come participate in the water carnival, which will be held on Orange Isle as well as the Yuxiang Cotton Mill.

Best places to watch the race:

Orange Isle: Orange Isle is located in the heart of the city of Xiangjiang River, Changsha, and is also the world’s longest inland river isle. While at the same time the south shore of Orange Isle, near the Gigantic Bust of a Young Mao, marks the starting point of the regatta, where viewers can take a close encouter with the race.

Orange Isle presently has many attractions: the park itself; regular fireworks shows; recycling and environmentally-friendly exhibition halls; sports; music; culture and commerce. It has very convenient transportation. Orange Isle has become a sightseeing destination thanks to its collection of integration gardening, entertainment, sports, culture, and commerce. More attractions coming soon are: Hunan Culture Corridor; On-water Amusement Corridor; Orange Garden; Natural Gardens; Harmony Park; Shopping and Food Plazas; a GYM Center; and a Relaxation Resort and Wildlife Park.

Take note that during this time traffic regulations will be carried out on the Orange Isle Bridge as well as on the subway, so the Orange Isle stop may be skipped. Race spectators coming in and out of Orange Isle at this time may be affected by these regulations.

2. Xiangjiang Riverside: Known as the bund of Changsha, the Xiangjiang River scenic belt has become the second largest park following Hunan Martyrs’ Park.The scenic belt ranges from the south Heishipu Bridge to the north of the Moon Island, including over ten scenic sights, sculptures and landscapes of various types. It is mainly featured by recreational corridors and sculptures, supplemented by such supporting facilities as small squares, landscape sketches, and ligntening in different forms. Together with windmills and bars, various kinds of trees and shrubs are planted, which presents the harmonious landscape against the Xiangjiang River. Viewers can not only watch the fantastic regatta, but also enjoy coolness along the riverside. However, whistling is avoided to affect the performance of the players.

3. Du Fu Pavillion: Du Fu Pavillion, situated at Xihu Bridge of the Hedong urban area in Changsha of Hunan Province and locates at the junction that the middle of Xiangjiang Road and Xihu Road join, is close to the Xiang River and belongs to the Xiang River Scenic Belt. Orange Isle and Yuelu Mountain are across from the Xiang River and Tianxin Pavillion is not far from Du Fu Pavillion with a distance of less than a mile. Sits high, the Pavillion is a nearest viewing place along the river. However, viewers should be careful for the Pavillion has a limited capacity.

4. Yuelu Mountain: Yuelu Mountain, a national-level key scenic spot, locates at the Yuelu Mountain-Orange Isle tourist spot which is at national 5A-level, is one of the 72 mountain peaks of Heng Mountain with an elevation of 300.8 meters. Seating at the west bank of Xiang River of the ancient city Changsha, the Mountain is a best viewing place to have a panorama view of the Regatta. At the same time, viwers could climb the mountain, enjoying the scenic spots along the mountain. Lushan Scenic Area and Orange Isle Scenic Area are open to the public. Lushan Scenic Area is a core scenic area with scenic spots like Yuelu Academy, Aiwan Pavillion, Lushan Temple, Yunlu Palace, the formal site of Xinmin Society and so on.

5. Yinpenling Bridge: Yinpenling Bridge is about 2.2 miles away from the Xiangjiang No.1 Bridge--Orange Isle Bridge. Since the Bridge is a key turning joint of the Regatta, it is a wonderful viewing place and viewers on the bridge are able to watch the fierce competition from a long distance.

6. Yuxiang Cotton Mill: As one of the representatives of Changsha industrial heritages, the historic Yuxiang Cotton Mill buildings has now been a landmark in Changsha city. At the same time, the Cotton Mill is also the terminal for the Regatta where viwers can acquire competition information of the Regatta in the first time.

Travel Tips: Orange Isle station of the metro line may stop running.

1. The Changsha Subway Line 2 will skip the stop at the Orange Isle in case of overcrowding on the isle during 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 on June 20 and 21.

2. Vehicles are required to rush through the Orange Isle Bridge without stop or parking.

3. Pedestrians and non-motor vehicles shall not linger at the Orange Isle Bridge and traffic control would be carried out according to the density of the crowds.

4. Pedestrian flow on the bridge will be controlled to ensure smooth traffic. The organizing committee will arrange free shuttles at the east and west ends of the bridge during traffic control period.

5. To facilitate citizens’ watching and guarantee safety, Changsha’s routine fireworks show between 20:30 and 20:50 this Saturday (June 20) will be held at the same period in this Friday evening (June 19).